Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Haul: Goodwill!

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

I have been wanting this one for a while! I'm a little disappointed that it isn't the original cover, but it was one dollar so that's okay.

The Devil in the White City
by Erik Larson

I've had this on my tbr (to be read) shelf for a while. I have no idea what it's about, but everyone is always talking about it so how bad could it be?

 Dead and Gone and Dead as a Doornail
by Charlaine Harris

I love TruBlood but the show has been disappointing me lately so I'm going back to the books. I've been grabbing them wherever I see them to get the full series. I believe these are books 5 and 9. I'm not sure but they are really fun southern vampire novels so they will be read quickly!

The Green Mile
by Stephen King

Ah my old friend! I am a sucker for a Stephen King novel! Originally, The Green Mile was published as short books in a series. If you follow me on GoodReads you will notice that I have the individual books on the series there. That is so I can reach my 50 books for 2013 goal. Judge me if you want, but it counts!

 Saving Max
by Antoinette Van Heuglen

All I know about this one is her son is a murderer. Done!

The total I spent at Goodwill was $6! if I had bought all of these books at the store I would have spent $97.38 that is a $91.38 savings!! I call that a steal!



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