Saturday, December 15, 2012

Book Haul!

On my most recent trip to Costco I bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes I already have them, but look at these beautiful new covers!! I found out that these covers were originally designed for eReaders and were then put on to books. Wherever their origins I LOVE them! They are minimalist covers which basically means that the most important elements of the book are highlighted. I love the elvish writing on the books. Such a nice font! These new covers are a big step up from the old movie covers with the actors fighting amongst chaos. Those were too much for me. The more elegant covers are more my style. Ever since I saw the first preview for The Hobbit movie I have been itching to revisit the series. Since I've already read The Hobbit more than a few times I decided to start with The Fellowship of the Ring. Also (Confession alert!) I have never finished The Two Towers or started The Return of the King. Shameful I know. but before all of you Ringers get upset (lord of the rings wiki's word not mine!) this faux paw will be remedied soon. Plus this way you all get to read my take on the books. Yay you! 

Okay my books await me.


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