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Spotlight on: Identical

"Identical tackles perhaps 
the most difficult subject matter 
of all. It is about identical twins whose father is sexually abusing one of them. I chose this subject matter because the issue touched the lives of three of my friends. Today, they are successful, beautiful women who you would never believe this mighthave happened to. I want readers to know it is possible to find a way beyond this terrible place, into a brighter future." -Ellen Hopkins

    Mirror, Mirror

                          When I look into a
                          it is her face I see.
                          Her right is my left, double
                          moles, dimple and all.
                          My right is her left,

                          We are exact
                          Kaeleigh and me.
                          Mirror-image identical
                          twins. One egg, one sperm,
                          one zygote, divided,
                          sharing one complete
                          set of genetic markers.

                          On the outside
                           we are the same. But not
                           inside. I think
                           she is the egg, so
                           much like our mother
                           it makes me want to scream.
                          That makes me the sperm,
                           I guess. I take completely
                           after our father.
                          All Daddy, that’s me.

                          Good, bad. Left, right.
                          Kaeleigh and Raeanne.
                          One egg, one sperm.
                          One being, split in two.

                           And how many

If you have ever read an Ellen Hopkins book then you know she writes entirely in verse (as displayed above). 
After I read the page as it was meant to be read, I always went back and read the words on one side. For instance
in the sample above, it would read "Mirror opposites, cold, controlled, codependent, cowardly, souls." Ellen loves to 
hide special meaning in her books that way. That is one reason why they are so unique and interesting. 

This was my first Ellen Hopkins book and I absolutely loved it! Her books have always been those books I see in the
bookstore, possibly flip through and then always put back on the shelf in favor of something else. I don't remember
why the day I bought this was different, but I am so thankful it was. 

There is a twist at the end of this book that will make your head spin. After I read it I literally shut the book and stared
into space for about ten minutes just blinking and processing. I usually see plot twists in books before they happen
but this one caught me completely off guard! It made me want to reread the book with this twist in mind.

Such a good book and a very unique style of writing that goes really quickly.

If you have read Identical let me know your thoughts in the comments below but NO SPOILERS.
 Be respectful of the people that haven't read the book yet.

Happy reading!!



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