Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello everyone. TWLOHA's had to make some changes to the Barnes and Noble Book fair schedule so here is the updated flyer. I really hope a lot of you can come and support the group! As the flyer says there will be live acoustic music so you should at least come and check that out!

I am sorry I haven't been posting a lot. To be honest with you all, I haven't been reading all that much. A certain boy has a little to do with that, but pure mental exhaustion from school is the main reason. The soonest I can post a new review will be in early April. Also, my birthday is April 5th so I will for sure be posting a book haul for you all! I'm thinking about doing that as a video since it will be so big. That way I can also talk a little more about each book and things like that.

Until then I have a few ideas up my sleeve so as always stay tuned :)

I hope you all have been reading wonderful books and life has been treating you well outside of the pages :)