Friday, January 11, 2013

Michelle Reviews: The Grimm Diaries Prequels volumes 1-6

Oh my gosh you guys! I have stumbled onto the best little series! If you follow me on Goodreads  (link here) then you already know what it is. Drum roll please…. It's the Grimm Diaries Prequels by Cameron Jace!

The series is sort of like a peek into a fairytale character's (or as Jace refers to them in the book Immortals) world and in some cases mind. Each prequel focuses solely on one character (or one group of characters) plot line. Yet, all the books tie in with each other and begin to create a spiderweb of interwoven connections that you would never see coming. These prequels are darker and have more of a Coraline or a Snow White and the Huntsman feel to them. I like that they aren't the typical nice and pretty kind of stories that end in nice and pretty ways. They feel real and deal a powerful blow to any preconceived notions you had about your favorite fairytale characters. A vampire or two may even pop up *wink wink*

As the title "The Grimm Diaries Prequels" suggest there is a series of books yet to come. I believe Jace is going to add more prequels first in a separate bundle, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

As I said on my Amazon review of the set: "[If] you like your fairytales with a side of blood and evil? Then The Grimm Diary Prequels are for you!"

If you are interested in purchasing the prequels they are all currently sold as an ebook bundle on Amazon for $0.99. The link is right here.

Oh and be sure to keep your eye on this blog because a certain author may have let me interview him and just might have something to give one of you. :)

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